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easynail on Instagram: “에헷 🙂 #띵콥백칼라 #어썸톤다운컬렉션 #띵콥블랙젤 #띵콥라인젤 블랙,화이트 #띵콥곰베이스 #띵콥돼지탑 #띵콥광탑 #33글리터 . 셀프케어 하지마세요 젤 억지로 뜯지마세요 손톱보다 지문쪽을 사용해주세요 오일을 잘 발라주세요 건강한 네일을…”

easynail on Instagram: “에헷 🙂 #띵콥백칼라 #어썸톤다운컬렉션 #띵콥블랙젤 #띵콥라인젤 블랙,화이트 #띵콥곰베이스

Many women prefer to attend the hairdresser even if they cannot have time to use shine with their nails among daily routines. Others aren’t even struggling for different and colorful nails because they think they can’t. Actually, we’ve prepared this list to exhibit it is very easy to utilize different nail art techniques and you can easily do it at home with hardly any materials…
1-It is not cool to call this technique a colorful French manicure. All you have to do is apply the tape in a lighter color or after applying a colored nail polish on all your fingers, leaving a thin strip of gap on the ends. Then you can certainly apply nail polish to the residual empty strips in the colors you would like!
2-A great nail art example for individuals who love to make use of black and white together. To start with, you apply a white nail polish on your entire nails. Then you’re able to create a grid by drawing a slim black line as in the figure. You are able to draw this line without difficulty and carrying with a toothpick. Then fill out with black nail polish from the spot you draw.
3-It is fashionable to highlight an individual nail now! If you’d like, you can use it to any or all your nails, of course. To obtain such an image, you need to utilize a bright nail polish first. After drying, you should place the tapes you cut thinly as shown in the figure and apply black nail polish on it. You can change the colors as you want and get different looks!
4-Although it could seem very difficult, it’s among the easiest examples of nail art to use to the writing on the nail. To begin with, you ought to apply a mild nail polish to all or any your nails. Following the nail polish has dried, pour the cologne on your own finger and press a few seconds to place one of the newspaper pieces you cut on your own finger. When you eliminate it, you will see the articles in the newspaper pass to your fingernail!
5-You can apply this pine tree pattern to your nails as the ready Christmas is approaching. As shown in the figure, you simply need 2 bands and a silvery green nail polish. Obviously, only a little star you will wear the top of the tree is not bad!
6-You will require an extensive angle brush and 3 different nail polish to utilize this nail art technique. First, apply a shade nail polish of your decision to your nail. Then drop the rest of the 2 colors of nail polish on a plate or the floor and dip the end of the brush into 2 colors. Apply nail polish on the tip of the brush horizontally as shown in the figure.
7-Although this technique seems difficult, it’s quite simple. First, you apply a light nail polish to your nails. You then drop the nail polish in a desired color on your nail bottoms and distribute it down with a thin brush as you wish…
8-A rather simple but showy nail art sample that you could apply especially on special occasions… A mild nail polish that you will use on a burgundy nail polish is sufficient for you really to have such nails.
9-What you’ll need in this technique is just a zigzag scissors and tape. If you do not have zigzag scissors, you may get that image by cutting the tape with normal scissors. Afterwards, you are able to apply nail polish in 2 different colors on your own nails.
10-You can apply this technique in any color nail polish as you wish. Whether dark colors or silvery nail polishes… All you want is a cord buckle!
11-It will do to utilize only 1 tape for these nails that look very modern. If you want to achieve this type of look, it is vital to look closely at the selection and harmony of colors. You may be inspired by the selection of colors from these images…

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